Sunday, 29 March 2015

My new sewing machine and new stash.

Well here's the post about all of my new stash as promised :)

I'd briefly mentioned about struggling with my brother sewing machine on fabric bulk with a thickness of 4mm at a craft group. They suggested a new machine as it was also noisy, I protested as I didn't think I did enough sewing to warrant the cost but then they had a sneaky reply..."You might sew more with a new machine". I repeated this to my other half and he agreed with them so off on the hunt I went. 

I browsed the Sewing Machine Direct site as I had heard good things about them and was able to narrow it down to two choices. I sent an email to the company asking for more information, they were quick to reply with pros and cons of both and even mentioned a machine that was a good combination of the two. I decided to go for the combination of the two and here it is:

Janome SMD 3000.
 Here it is in action:

 I absolutely love this machine! I bought the special offer of the quilting kit which was an extra £30 but it included an extension table, a walking foot, a quilting guide, a 1/4 seam foot and a free motion foot. It's so much quieter than my other machine and just feels smoother in general.

I have started one of the planned quilted bags. I have zig-zagged fabric and made a small clutch bag from Studio Cherie. I'll be attempting it again soon as either the fabric wasn't heavy enough or the sew in interfacing was the wrong weight.

Sunglasses clutch by Studio Cherie

Fabric from Minerva Crafts

Cross stitch acquisitions.
I've got another metre of fabric on the way as there was a small mix up and two out of print charts from Tilton Crafts. I hope you're all having a good weekend.

Please do not use my images without my permission.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


For IHSW and in the time since my last blog post I have worked on January of the Joan Elliott SAL. Yes, you've read that right. I've finally started it.

I can't go further with this as I'm actually missing the last colour to do. This was on my "in stock" list but for the life of me I can't find the damn thing. I'll be glad when this block is finished as the frog has been a prominent feature.

Now, I asked you all to slap me when I thought about buying stuff but it didn't work. I've bought charts here and there as well as an order of fabric. I've also bought a new toy but that can wait for another post, I just need to get some good photos of it.

Enjoy your week :)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ooh my second and third finishes of 2015...

That's right, I have 2 finishes! I would let you guess but I'm too impatient ;)

Here's the panda bookmark:

Royal Paris Panda Bookmark

Here is my second finish:

I started this cover kit whilst on a stitching weekend in York and managed to finish it soon after. If you've ever thought about organising such a weekend then I'm going to say to you to stop fretting about any worries you may have and go for it! I've met some absolutely wonderful people from the Cross Stitch Friends in the UK facebook group and I'd certainly do it again.
Disclaimer: Although it is a stitching weekend, be prepared for little time to stitch due to too much chatting :P

I am now on uni holidays so hopefully I can fit more stitching in than usual around revision. I'm planning to start and get caught up on the Joan Elliott SAL since I now have the correct fabric size. I hope you all have a good weekend!