Wednesday, 24 July 2013


This weekend I worked on 2 HAEDs, Tiny Treasures Kitten 2 and the BB SAL Mystic Garden.
HAED Kitten 2 at 443 stitches. 
HAED Mystic Garden at 601 stitches. 
The sewing machine came out this weekend and I made myself a small pincushion along with a little wrist strap as well as a crochet hook holder.

My pincushion.

First crochet holder.
First crochet holder.

I love my fabric choice for the first crochet hook holder and found the tutorial really easy although something went wrong and I was missing a hook space. One of the spaces also has an uneven line so the top is narrower than the bottom but I don't mind as I'm still trying to get the hang of sewing so I'm not expecting perfectly straight lines. Plus the ribbon is too big for the button.

Second crochet holder.
As it was easy, I whipped up a second one in the same afternoon but used velcro instead of a button. I don't like the velcro fastening for this one and my top stitching went askew so to me it just doesn't look as nice even though I managed to get all 7 hook spaces.

Second crochet holder.

Monday, 15 July 2013


Sorry it's late. There's not a lot to show, my stitchy bug has gone off somewhere and some of these should have been included in June but had got put in the spare jar so they're here. :(

I'm desperately trying to get Tatty Ted's backstitch done as it's for Wednesday! Some of the backstitch especially his "fuzz" can make your eyes do little dances. I've decided on the personalisation and started it but I'm finding that some of the threads slip behind the fabric (I'm using evenweave).

I've also started some sewing projects, one of them has been so easy to do. I just need to embroider a face on it then sew the 2 sides together.

Sarah from Sarah in Stitches received her package from me :) I'm glad she likes it. Here's a link to the post she wrote about our exchange.

I'm sorry I haven't got much to show for this post but I hope I'll be back soon with a couple of finishes.