Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Girl

We I put up the storage we bought so I had somewhere to put my stash instead of all over the living room.
Cupboard for sewing things and extras.
A set of cubes for cross stitch/knitting/crocheting.

Very happy, admittedly the living room is cleaner but also that extra storage is just adding a homely feel to our flat. Although we've been here a year we're still slowly adding to it after starting out with necessities, next on the list is a desk chair I think.

I had sewn a stocking for Ed about a week or so ago but never posted a photo so here it is although I'm not entirely happy with it. I have left mine to the last minute, I have half of my name embroidered but I've just sewn the stocking body so it can at least be used.

I also made two little purses, one from a magazine and the other a freebie on the net (sources in image captions) The only issue I had with the one from the net is although I followed the pattern for the larger purse mine turned out as small as the smaller purse and somehow I managed to make it wonky and went wrong somewhere on the bottom. 
Made using pattern and instructions from a magazine

This was made using
I received a Hobbycraft gift card from Ed' and these are 2 of the things I bought along with some aida, felt, zips, a set of how to knit books and blank keyrings.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Cross Stitch Crazy 2013

I found this group on facebook and for this challenge you pick 15 projects, they can be new, a WIP or a UFO. You work on one each day for the first 15 days of January and then you work on one at a time or in a rotation (whatever method you find best) and the goal is to have them finished by the end of the year. I think it's more realistic (for me anyway) to have 15 rather than start one every day in January.

E-type Jaguar
I have picked my 15 and here they are...unless specified they will be from a magazine:
Gorjuss Laundry Day

Map of France from Heritage Crafts

DMC's Lickle Ted Butterfly

Café de Paris
DMC's Vegetable Basket
London Sampler

HAED TT Kitten 2

Tea Cup Cushion
Paddington Bear
Anchor Tatty Ted Schoolboy.
HAED Mini Curl up with a good book.

Finish 3 parts of Papillon Creations' Around the World SAL. Continue working on Trio of Poppies and I'm getting a cross stitch kit for Christmas so that will be part of the 15. Alongside this I am participating in HAED BB's freebie SAL and I picked QS Mystic Garden, I'm hoping there won't be a long wait before QS Literate dragon becomes a mini. I apologise for the layout of the photos but they refused to co-operate. Anyway better get back to cutting and sewing these PJ bottoms.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A few finishes.

I've sewn two cuddly toys. One was an alien, we named him Mordin and a polar bear that hasn't got a name yet (I'm open to ideas). The alien was from a book called Bean Bag Buddies by Nikki Wheeler and the polar bear was from here.

Polar bear

I hope to finish a Christmas card this weekend. I was hoping to do at least 3 more but my stitchy bug hasn't been around much. I'll be working on 2 Christmas stockings and some pj bottoms for Ed' as well.

I've also completed the Battlefield 3 campaign on normal, it didn't take long to play through. Looking forward to getting stuck into the multiplayer which from what I've experienced so far its good. I should get back to playing Bioshock, I do enjoy it but the lack of ammo/cash for ammo is a bit of a problem mainly when it comes to trying to kill a Big Daddy. 

Sometimes I wonder what I'm trying to do to myself, in the past 24 hours I think I've clicked "follow" on at least 15 blogs...probably more. Well plenty of material to read, lots of crafty ideas floating around and with any luck make some new friends. Thank you to those who follow my blog, last time I had checked it was at 9 but it quickly went up to 15. I'll be doing the Crazy January Challenge next year so I'll write more about that next time and I think a "resolution" for 2013 will be to try and blog more. Oh and if I enrol on a course I would like to do, I WILL work hard on it, speaking of which I need to get into a working routine before hand to make sure it's right for me. 

I hope you're all having a nice weekend!