Thursday, 27 April 2017

Gamer Pillow

Honestly, I'm not purposely trying to increase my WIPs (cross my heart...). I had tried to start the Hygge CAL but my counting constantly seemed to be off when it came to the foundation chain and the first row. The problem is that yarn is so difficult to unpick so I noticed that another pattern I had worked the foundation chain and round 1 in the same way but the yarn was just plain acrylic. That is my story of how another WIP got added to the never ending pile. So how about some photos?

This is how the Gamer Pillow is meant to look
© CraftyRidge
I'm up to here

This is a first in a lot of crochet aspects for me - the first time I've done bobble stitches and the first time I will have done c2c (corner to corner) and the first time that I've done so many colour changes! I'm not counting Mike's eye in this as this is a lot more difficult as you have to try and keep the tension so that the bobble stitches lay right. 
I'm thoroughly enjoying it and it's difficult to put down.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Signs Spring is Coming

1. Daffodils - I buy a bunch around my Nana's birthday every year in memory of her. It's a good job I love her as they make the living room stink of pee!

2. Cherry Blossom - The house I grew up in and the flat we're in now have Cherry Blossom trees outside. Aren't they gorgeous?

3. Rain - if we get clear sunny skies then it's often counter-balanced with a few days of grey and rain

4. Lighter evenings - it's no longer pitch black at 4pm.

5. Stress - for uni students this is the last holiday before exams

Friday, 14 April 2017

Hygge CAL 2017 - Tips and Tricks

So I decided to join in on a crochet along - yes, I'm mad but this one is crochet (obviously) and a bit of embroidery/cross stitch! I was going to hold out but as soon as I got the email notification that they were in stock I caved! I bought the rainbow kit pictured above but love the look of pastel and mermaid too :)

The tips and tricks were released on the 8th February and it includes how to make a swatch to check your tension. I have made 2 swatches - one using the recommended 4.5mm hook and a 5mm hook as the swatch from the 4.5 was about 1cm too small. Oddly enough they have both come out to the same size - give or take a couple of mms. I did do the cross stitch heart on the 5mm swatch and considering just using the 4.5mm hook for better coverage when it comes to the cross stitch. What do you think?
Swatch using 5mm hook
 On a side note, I've found the issue I was having with the virus shawl so that's been allowed out of the naughty corner. How are you guys getting on?

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Things to accompany your stitching

1. Lowery Stand - I absolutely love it although it's not always used. I discovered recently that about 5 years ago there was a table attachment that is no longer sold but damn, I could imagine putting that to use too!

2. Q Snap Frame - I much prefer these over hoops as it keeps the stitching more taut.

3. A small jam pot - perfect for those ORTs

4. Daylight lamp - I got mine from Lidl 2 years ago for £12.99 and so it's so helpful when stitching on a night.

5. Stork Embroidery Scissors

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Things that make me laugh

1. My other half - we're "adults" but sometimes the funny moments are when we act like children - should I be admitting this?

2. I have been known to get lost on youtube watching Graham Norton clips. I present to you one of my favourite clips - Penglings

3. Playing games such as Viscera Clean up Detail with the other half and friends. It's so infuriating when someone spills a bucket of bloody water when you've just tidied up but there can be glitches if there's too many bloody footprints which can lead to objects and even players flying through the air!

4. Internet Memes can be pretty good - one good site is the Classical Art Meme page on Facebook.

5. Bored Panda also has some funny pics

This was a hard one to put together as I couldn't think of many specific things that make me laugh - it would have been nice to have a few that didn't show how much time I waste on the internet :P
On a sad note, the screen on my <1 a="" be="" but="" by="" docs="" for="" ghost="" given="" has="" hopefully="" i="" in="" it="" laptop="" ll="" m="" monitor="" nbsp="" now="" off="" old="" p="" plugging="" so="" soon.="" the="" to="" up="" winging="" year="">