Monday, 20 May 2013

May IHSW and exchanges

This weekend I worked on Mystic Garden and Tatty Ted.

Mystic Stitch at around 500 stitches
Not long left!

I'm pleased to say my recipient received her Secret Stitch (for a Facebook group) from me, here's the photo I took before sending it:

Pattern from

I'm still waiting for mine to arrive but I'm looking forward to it. I did receive my exchange from Sarah and I really can't wait until I'm able to send mine to her.

Gorgeous stitch from Sarah
These are my own images, please don't use them without my permission.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


May Tusal
I've not had much time to stitch recently. I did get my Secret Stitch for a Facebook group out on time but it hasn't been received yet so I can't show a photo.

Sadly, I only completed one of my April goals which was to finish the secret stitch. This will be the end of the goals at least for the next couple of months anyway, after that who knows? If there were any goals then it would be to get at least some stitching done. I still have two exchanges this month, after those I will take a break from exchanges to concentrate on WIPs. Although they have been fun :)

L*K's Welcome Baby stitched by myself.

I do have a finish, it was Welcome Baby by Lizzie Kate. This was stitched within 2 days, it would have been 1 had I a bit more time. This was given as a Congratulations/Christening present, the recipients really liked it.

Please do not use my images without my permission.