Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April IHSW

Unfortunately I can't show you what I've worked on this weekend as it's for a secret stitch although I'm nearly done and as soon as it's with the recipient I'll share a photo. I must admit I had to change it, I was over optimistic with the original idea but who hasn't done that? As you may remember I'm quite close to finishing the E-type Jaguar, well I discovered I'm missing a thread for it! Luckily I have been able to order it so will try to get that finished before the end of the month. After this secret stitch, I have 2 exchanges to do with 2 lovely people. One with Sarah from Sarah in Stitches and Steph from Show and Tell (Wee Witchy), I'm really looking forward to these.

I've been watching The Great British Sewing Bee and have thoroughly enjoyed it! The winner certainly deserved that title, such beautiful garments to a very high quality. All of their work and skills certainly inspired me as well as giving me something to aspire to. I'm already looking forward to the second series they're planning for next year. I'm sure many will be looking forward to the opportunity of swooning over Patrick again learning new things and seeing gorgeous garments come to life.

Sorry for the lack of stitching photos, I promise there will be at least one next time but let me try and make up for that...Mr Patrick Grant.

Image sourced from Google images.

Friday, 12 April 2013


How are you all? Hello and welcome new followers :)

Here is my little jam jar:

I'm I was working better than expected on the secret stitch. At first I wasn't really into it, I think that was because I didn't like the look Anchor gave to my stitches but I'm I was on a roll. Life has been a bit busy this last week so I've not had much time to add many stitches though I'm happy to say one row is definitely complete. I may have to change my stitch depending on how much I can get done on it this weekend...I'd like it to get out on time. I am eager to stitch on Mystic Garden.

I really don't seem to get on well with making pj bottoms. The first lot were too small at the waist and the shorts I'm working on have had me in tears. I was considering scrapping them but when I can face looking at them, I'll just unpick the waistband and make a new one. I've come to the conclusion I definitely need a walking foot for using jersey, there were quite a few times when it got caught in the teeth.

I've been thinking about doing a swap/exchange sometime in the next couple of months and wondered if anyone would be up for it? I haven't decided on the sort of thing to exchange, I just have some ideas written down so I'm open to suggestions. Maybe keep it small for the first time to see how it goes.

Anyway I better get stitching, hopefully next time I'll have something to show you all.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Well it's April...

You may remember in an older post I mentioned that I'm trying the idea of monthly goals well here's how I got on...

March goals:

  • To have finished Tatty Ted and have decided on personalisation.
  • To have completed the smallest poppy on Trio of Poppies.
  • To have completed February of the Songs of the Weather SAL.
  • To have reach 400 stitches on HAED Kitten.
  • To have reach 400 stitches on Mystic Garden.
  • To have completed the E-Type Jaguar as much as possible (missing threads).
  • To have have 3 10x10 blocks stitched on Café de Paris.
January Songs of the Weather SAL
I have completed 5 out of my 7 goals and I think that's pretty good. I'll not post a photo of the E-type as there isn't much to go so I may as well wait until it's completely finished. Although I didn't get February of the Songs of the Weather SAL finished (it is started), I did get around to finally finishing January. 

Café de Paris
I'm glad that I worked on some of the flags on Café de Paris as I thought that in an older photo of this, it looked a bit like a candle as it was only part of the red shutter, the greenery and the top orange flag. The flags really add something to this piece and the large amount of backstitch will really make this project come to life.

End of April goals:
  • To have finished the secret stitch I've started working on.
  • To have finished Tatty Ted.
  • To have finished E-Type Jaguar.
As I'm not sure how long the secret stitch will take, I've decided to keep these goals simple, I know I can finish the last 2...that's if Tatty Ted's backstitch goes to plan. Here's a little update of him since he's part of a finish:

I finally got around to fixing my R&R Craft frame (Q-Snap) cover. I started this earlier in the year using a free tutorial I had found on the internet but found it was too short and only found the motivation to fix it the other day. Next up on the sewing machine will be some shorts.