Saturday, 15 July 2017

Checking in

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been AWOL recently but I've been a busy bee! When we last spoke, the exams were looming but they're over and done with. I graduated at the end of June, the ceremony was held in Durham Cathedral :D I'm very proud of the result I got and I'm now at the point of looking for a job.
Excuse all of the vans in that picture but this was taken when they were shooting scenes for the next avengers. Chris Hemsworth was there but the only time I could get up to the cathedral was a day off for the cast :(

We decided to use that bit of interim between graduating and the point of needing to look for jobs to go see family in Portugal.
I have been working on some crafting behind the scenes but they will come in later posts. The blog turns 5 next month so I'm now planning things to do to celebrate but at the moment I have 0 ideas other than a giveaway of some sorts. There will be one big change coming up, the blog will be moving away from blogger and will get a make-over.

Have a good weekend!