Tuesday, 11 September 2012

2 book finishes!

I've finished two brilliant books, they were so good I struggled to put them down! The first was "Meridon" the last in the Wideacre trilogy by Philippa Gregory. Again as with the first two books, P. Gregory sent my mind into turmoil with the twists in the story. The second book I have finished is "The Queen's Secret" by Victoria Lamb and I'm happy to know she is working on another book featuring the prominent Lucy Morgan. I received this book as part of the Transworld Historical Fiction Reading Challenge and although I still have one more book to read, I must say I haven't regretted signing up to it.

Well it seems after setting the trio of poppies aside and working on a really small project, my stitchy bug has returned. Fair enough he's still a bit sluggish but I have my interest back at the very least therefore I'll be starting my Christmas stitching soon.

This is my finished piece from Donna Kooler's "555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns"
I have found that using metal knitting needles is a lot easier than the wooden ones provided in the magazine. I also invested in a 99p magazine called "The Art of Crochet" which came with a DVD. Although this is only part one it has already helped me in terms of holding the yarn and some of the stitches. I hope to have something to show soon in terms of what I have learned in both crafts.


  1. I love the kitties, they look so cute!

  2. Hello

    Just found you!
    Your kitties are so sweet!
    I am collecting The Art of Crochet and enjoying it!
    Have a good week.

  3. Your kitties are so cute : )
    Emma, you can still join the Sal, There are no fees. Write me an email, please, couse I can't find yours. I'll send you patterns and enclude in list of participants,
    Have a good day !


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