Monday, 20 May 2013

May IHSW and exchanges

This weekend I worked on Mystic Garden and Tatty Ted.

Mystic Stitch at around 500 stitches
Not long left!

I'm pleased to say my recipient received her Secret Stitch (for a Facebook group) from me, here's the photo I took before sending it:

Pattern from

I'm still waiting for mine to arrive but I'm looking forward to it. I did receive my exchange from Sarah and I really can't wait until I'm able to send mine to her.

Gorgeous stitch from Sarah
These are my own images, please don't use them without my permission.


  1. Yay! :D Did everything else get there safely? I was particularly worried about the chocolate...

    1. Yes, thank you! The chocolate was very nice and interesting :D

  2. Love the rooster and hen,and you received a lovely exchange too.

  3. Your stitching is coming along nicely. I love those chickens.


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