Tuesday, 5 August 2014

2nd Bag finished.

Well I've finished my sister's bag, I'm not entirely happy with the finish (just little things) but we were on a tight deadline and I was working overtime.

What I've learned between making this bag and my version, is that you save so much hassle if you quilt it properly...even if it's just simple lines. I'll certainly do that with the next two bags in the pipeline. They won't be started until I return from my holiday though.

Here's a photo of my recent addition to the stash...zipper wallets! They are only 55p each from Asda and I've found they are very handy as they are able to hold the charts and the fabric for a project. Thus making it easier to keep everything together.

I haven't added much to the wedding sampler but here's an update:

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  1. The bag looks wonderful! Good progress on the wedding sampler too :D Have fun on your holiday!


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