Monday, 6 July 2015

Casa Cenina

Casa Cenina are having a sale until the end of the month. From the info on their blog they will be adding new items daily to the sale.

I've currently got my eye on...

There are more that I've considered but I'm trying to restrain myself :)


  1. Well, I am just the person to help you curb your spending urges...oh wait! No i'm not! heheheh The sewing tree decorations are a MUST! lol and the animal designs would be works of love but be totally amazing once they are done.
    But yes...erm...please restrain yourself...heheh

    1. Damn! I bought them all soon after posting because I realised that there were only two of the ornaments left so didn't want to chance any readers pinching them both ;) Now they've added Lizzie Kate and some others so another order may be placed :P


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