Sunday, 16 August 2015

Yves Saint Laurent - Style is Eternal

I went to see the YSL exhibition at Bowes Museum in County Durham and it was a fabulous afternoon! If you can, get yourself along as the photos do not do it justice. Ready?

Cake to start the afternoon

Before moving on to fabric YSL designed collections for a series of handmade paper dolls.

Examples of the design process

A toile of a coat including fabric buttons

'Soir Collection Board' Autumn-Winter 1978
Practice piece
Embroidered Evening Gown, Spring-Summer 2001
There were exquisite pieces of lace...

This was one of my favourite dresses.

Short Evening Gown Front, Autumn-Winter 1970
Short Evening Gown Back, Autumn-Winter 1970

Honestly, who has feet that are this thin?

I loved that we could see the inside of some of the dresses to see the stitches.

Some designs were risqué and I certainly wouldn't be brave enough to wear them. It must have been difficult to make a range with delicate fabrics like these!

Left - Evening Gown, Autumn-Winter 1968
I will leave it there so that I don't spoil it for those who will be paying a visit. Of course, there was a trip to the gift shop. I bought a beautiful catalogue which has information about YSL and some of the designs featured in the exhibition. I also bought a bookmark which has two sides to it and a fridge magnet to add to my collection.

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