Sunday, 20 September 2015

IHSW - September

I thought I'd get my post in early before I forgot about it!

Earlier this week I made a carrier bag holder for a friend's son as he was heading off to uni. My friend picked the fabric and ribbon which she bought from the local market.

Then I moved onto this fella and finally finished him in front of the England rugby game. The pattern is called "Whale hello there!" and is from Daily Cross Stitch.

I've moved onto some secret stitching but I'm itching to start a HAED stocking that I requested. Still managing to hold off... Looking forward to reading the IHSW posts.


  1. Your whale is really cute! Love the carrier bag holder - might have to make one for my husband the hoarder.

  2. I love your little whale, it is so cute!!!

  3. he is adorable! and what a nice gift for your freind :)

  4. Beautiful finish, and I love the carrier bag you made! It looks fantastic :D

  5. I love your little whale stitch. XOX


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