Tuesday, 22 March 2016


I wasn't intending to take part in IHSW this month but as it was the first weekend of the Easter break, I decided to relax before concentrating on revising. This included getting some time in on Battlefront as well as stitching.

I've been itching to start one of the SAL pieces that are sitting waiting but I then sheepishly looked at my WIP pile and decided to concentrate on one of those first. My focus for the weekend has been TT Kitten 2 by HAED.

I believe the last time we saw this piece was September, 2015.
This is where I got to yesterday morning:
This is where I left off this morning:
As is the case with these types of projects, the amount of visual progress doesn't seem to match the time put into it with those confetti stitches that need to be done. However, I'm pleased that I'm getting just that little bit closer to completing this one.

It's now going to be put away and this month's Daily Cross Stitch SAL project will be coming out.

I got the Star Wars - the original trilogy back from the framers...isn't it gorgeous?!


  1. Nice progress on your HAED project :)

  2. Great progress, and the framing for Star Wars is amazing! :D

  3. The kitten is really taking shape now. This is where regular photos help keep you motivated.
    The Star Wars piece looks really good all framed now.


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