Monday, 12 September 2016

Simple elasticated skirt

Would you believe that I have another sewing finish? I can't and I'm hoping to have a few more by the time uni starts again.

I feel like I should give the story behind this skirt, I apologise in advance if it is long and won't hold it against you if you skipped to the photos. I started off with some red stripey fabric and cut out a gathered skirt from a pattern however it was too large (I'll explain more when I finish that skirt off and write about it) and the amount of gathers gave a puffy effect which to me doesn't work well with my shape.
So, I put that skirt to one side and turned my focus to the other skirt I had cut out from the same pattern and decided to omit one of the panels and cut a chunk off from another. The 2 panels that were left were sewn together and a waistband was created by folding over the upper edge twice which also created a channel for the elastic that I decided to put in.
I was that eager to get a skirt made for myself, I didn't even attempt to pattern match! How terrible am I? 
I think I'll take apart the red stripe skirt and do it the same way but try and make it flow more as I think the stripes would work well with that. I have a few mini NCWs to do as well. Let's not mention the cross stitch I still need to get done...

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  1. Great job! I'm seriously impressed by anyone who can make their own clothes :D


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