Wednesday, 30 November 2016

An attempt at crochet

I have a large box of wool for someone that doesn't knit or crochet so decided it was time to use some of it so here is my first attempt at the African flower. 
Sorry the colours are off (that centre colour is meant to be blue). I used this video to guide me through it but next time I'm going to attempt it with a friend that crochets as I get lost at the start at the repeats of motifs. I always end up with more stitches!

I've been working on the barn owls cross stitch every now and then. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll be finished in time.

Aside from uni taking up time, I have been distracted by gaming. I had a few attempts at Battlefield 1 but I have been sucked into playing Dead by Daylight. It's so easy to say oh just one more game. I have also started Ori and the blindforest - well what can I say? I was crying like a baby in the first 10 mins. The music is beautiful though.

I'll try and be back soon with another update or at least the exchange I'm hoping to send out soon!


  1. Well done on trying out crochet, your flower looks brilliant. Great progress on Barn Owls as well. I have been gaming a bit too lately, playing Witcher 3

  2. Great little crosses on the barn owl.
    A very successful first attempt at crochet, what a pretty flower :)

  3. Great first attempt at crochet! I tried it once but I'm convinced the yarn was possessed - it didn't cooperate at all. Lovely stitching too! :D


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