Friday, 27 January 2017

Unpick, unpick, unpick!

After handing in my lit review (Woo!), I decided in my sleep deprived state that I would have a night of gaming and crafting. One of the games I play has perfect time to crochet or cross stitch in between and I decided to go for crochet. I went from this:

to this:

You can't see it well on the first photo but there was something wrong with one of the holes in the middle and the fact that it wasn't matching up to it's neighbour was bugging me so start over I did. I don't mind so much as I was getting the hang of the pattern so hopefully my next go around will be better.

Yet another project that needs some unpicking doing is this Lizzie*Kate chart
I've gone one stitch higher on one of the letters and it's thrown the border off, I would wing it if I could but it's a border with repeats! Argh!

The cross stitch side of things may go quiet for a while as I'm working on a secret project that I don't think I'll be able to share with you until around summer.

What do you guys do when none of your crafty projects seem to be going right?


  1. Urgh, unpicking is the worst! It's so demoralizing. But you can do it, Emma! I usually just put the project down for a while, maybe a few minutes, maybe a couple of days, until I can look at it without screaming :D

    1. Well it didn't take me long before I picked the crochet back up but for now that cross stitch is still in the naughty corner :')


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