Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Quick stitches

I knew instantly which chart I would include after seeing this week's theme so let's get on

1. Welcome Baby - this is my go to chart for new additions to families. I can stitch this within 24 hours.

2. Good things - I have already stitched this once and am nearly halfway through another but you may remember it's sitting in the naughty corner for now.
3. Happy Panda Set


  1. Oh I love the Furry Tales designs you can find in whichever cross stitch magazine!! They are so quick, cute & look adorable :)

  2. Lovely choices! I have Good Things in my stash.

  3. Great choices! I have a tendency to collect LK's as well for little ones.

  4. Fun choices! I love Good Things.

  5. Great list! I like all of these! May have to start adding to my stash (again)!

    1. As long as I don't get a call from your bank about it then go ahead and add ;)


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