Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Stitchy Sites

1. Charting Creations - a Canadian company that does her own charting as well as selling charts/kits from soda stitch, mill hill and dimensions.

2. The Cross Stitch Cottage - cheap threads and carries some of the international designs that I think are difficult to find here. An added bonus is that Rebecca is local to me.

3. Colour Cascade Fabrics - based in Australia but their hand dyed fabrics come in the most gorgeous colours. That reminds me that I need another piece of "My Island Home" for a Mirabilia chart I bought.

4. Crafty Kitten - a UK seller of hand dyed fabric and speciality threads.

5. Chatelaine - I have two of Martina's designs (Serengeti and Polar mandala) but haven't been able to kit them up yet. To be honest, I am intimidated by these.

Just in case, Katy meant communities then I did enjoy being on Cross Stitch Forum but I haven't been on as much as it it's very accessible by mobile.


  1. Great list! I have a Chatelaine too (the Scottish Mandala), but I'm terrified of it! Besides, the supply list alone will take a huge amount of cash!

  2. Great list! I always need more stash, like you I am intimidated by chatelaines but totally in awe. I am thinking 2018 might be the year to attempt one. a small one hehhehe


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