Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Book finish

This is just a short post, honest!

Well I seem to be a little machine when it comes to reading as I've finished another. This one is called "The King's Spy" by Andrew Swanston, I found it intriguing but not gripping and by that I mean I didn't feel like I needed to keep on reading because of the events. It is about an ordinary bookseller who is a good cryptographer that is summoned by the King for his cryptography skills. He's led into being a part of a war he doesn't agree with and receives an intercepted, coded message that leads to betrayal and murder.

I've not got as much done as I would have liked regarding cross stitch though I have finally decided on an idea for the Christmas ornament exchange after I scrapped the original piece I started stitching. I'm also beginning to be organised with my projects by using PandaHobby which is a handy tool I must say. Anyway I better get stitching.

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