Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sewing progress.

I deleted my last post as I figured out what was wrong. Numpty here forgot there would be seam allowances in the middle but I gave up on it as the instructions for the body were not clear. Therefore I will repost my photo of the finished Christmas card:

As I venture into sewing, I decided to place an order with a fabric shop so that I could practice. I placed my order with Online Fabrics, I bought around 5 metres of different fabrics. I placed my order around midnight and I received a dispatched email 12 hours later. The package arrived the next day. There was a slight mix up with one of them but they were quick with a reply to my email and the fabric was dispatched that day and again arrived the next, very kindly I was allowed to keep the other fabric. I would gladly place an order with them again.
The fabric arrived nicely packaged in a cellophane bag within the postal bag.

My lovely fabrics. 
I finished my cross stitch/sewing piece but as it's for an exchange I can't post a photo of that yet. I made my own headband to match a dress I have, it's a bit messy along one edge but it fits me and I like it :) I'm starting to get the hang of sewing in a straight line. I didn't use a pattern just made sure it fit around the elastic and my head.

Navy polka dot headband.

I also made the above carrier bag holder with my OH using a free tutorial. 

I hope to get the backstitch done on the trio of poppies so far then I'll stitch another Christmas card or two and then I'll aim to get the second poppy half done.


  1. Hi Emmy Lou, returning the following!
    I knew you were local to me as soon as I read the word "numpty" LOL.

    Looking forward to following your blog and finding out if you are NFN.

    1. Glad to have you here and will be looking forward to reading your posts.

      Sorry, I must ask what is NFN? Where abouts in the East do you live?

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