Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Girl

We I put up the storage we bought so I had somewhere to put my stash instead of all over the living room.
Cupboard for sewing things and extras.
A set of cubes for cross stitch/knitting/crocheting.

Very happy, admittedly the living room is cleaner but also that extra storage is just adding a homely feel to our flat. Although we've been here a year we're still slowly adding to it after starting out with necessities, next on the list is a desk chair I think.

I had sewn a stocking for Ed about a week or so ago but never posted a photo so here it is although I'm not entirely happy with it. I have left mine to the last minute, I have half of my name embroidered but I've just sewn the stocking body so it can at least be used.

I also made two little purses, one from a magazine and the other a freebie on the net (sources in image captions) The only issue I had with the one from the net is although I followed the pattern for the larger purse mine turned out as small as the smaller purse and somehow I managed to make it wonky and went wrong somewhere on the bottom. 
Made using pattern and instructions from a magazine

This was made using
I received a Hobbycraft gift card from Ed' and these are 2 of the things I bought along with some aida, felt, zips, a set of how to knit books and blank keyrings.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

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