Saturday, 8 December 2012

A few finishes.

I've sewn two cuddly toys. One was an alien, we named him Mordin and a polar bear that hasn't got a name yet (I'm open to ideas). The alien was from a book called Bean Bag Buddies by Nikki Wheeler and the polar bear was from here.

Polar bear

I hope to finish a Christmas card this weekend. I was hoping to do at least 3 more but my stitchy bug hasn't been around much. I'll be working on 2 Christmas stockings and some pj bottoms for Ed' as well.

I've also completed the Battlefield 3 campaign on normal, it didn't take long to play through. Looking forward to getting stuck into the multiplayer which from what I've experienced so far its good. I should get back to playing Bioshock, I do enjoy it but the lack of ammo/cash for ammo is a bit of a problem mainly when it comes to trying to kill a Big Daddy. 

Sometimes I wonder what I'm trying to do to myself, in the past 24 hours I think I've clicked "follow" on at least 15 blogs...probably more. Well plenty of material to read, lots of crafty ideas floating around and with any luck make some new friends. Thank you to those who follow my blog, last time I had checked it was at 9 but it quickly went up to 15. I'll be doing the Crazy January Challenge next year so I'll write more about that next time and I think a "resolution" for 2013 will be to try and blog more. Oh and if I enrol on a course I would like to do, I WILL work hard on it, speaking of which I need to get into a working routine before hand to make sure it's right for me. 

I hope you're all having a nice weekend!


  1. I found that joining a couple of events is a good way to increase your blogging. I do Theme-a-licious, wipocalypse, TUSAL and IHSw. So that's four posts a month already!! All the links are in my sidebar of my blog.

    1. I do get involved in the IHSW but missed out on the last one as I was staying with family. I'll have a look at the others, thank you :)


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