Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Well it's April...

You may remember in an older post I mentioned that I'm trying the idea of monthly goals well here's how I got on...

March goals:

  • To have finished Tatty Ted and have decided on personalisation.
  • To have completed the smallest poppy on Trio of Poppies.
  • To have completed February of the Songs of the Weather SAL.
  • To have reach 400 stitches on HAED Kitten.
  • To have reach 400 stitches on Mystic Garden.
  • To have completed the E-Type Jaguar as much as possible (missing threads).
  • To have have 3 10x10 blocks stitched on Café de Paris.
January Songs of the Weather SAL
I have completed 5 out of my 7 goals and I think that's pretty good. I'll not post a photo of the E-type as there isn't much to go so I may as well wait until it's completely finished. Although I didn't get February of the Songs of the Weather SAL finished (it is started), I did get around to finally finishing January. 

Café de Paris
I'm glad that I worked on some of the flags on Café de Paris as I thought that in an older photo of this, it looked a bit like a candle as it was only part of the red shutter, the greenery and the top orange flag. The flags really add something to this piece and the large amount of backstitch will really make this project come to life.

End of April goals:
  • To have finished the secret stitch I've started working on.
  • To have finished Tatty Ted.
  • To have finished E-Type Jaguar.
As I'm not sure how long the secret stitch will take, I've decided to keep these goals simple, I know I can finish the last 2...that's if Tatty Ted's backstitch goes to plan. Here's a little update of him since he's part of a finish:

I finally got around to fixing my R&R Craft frame (Q-Snap) cover. I started this earlier in the year using a free tutorial I had found on the internet but found it was too short and only found the motivation to fix it the other day. Next up on the sewing machine will be some shorts. 


  1. You've done loads! Brilliant ^_^ Beautiful stitching

  2. Wow, great progress! I think 5 out of 7 goals is awesome. Keep it up!

  3. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your stitching is lovely and well done on meeting so many March goals.
    Happy stitching!

    1. Hi there,

      Thank you.

      Happy stitching to you also :)


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