Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Things that make me laugh

1. My other half - we're "adults" but sometimes the funny moments are when we act like children - should I be admitting this?

2. I have been known to get lost on youtube watching Graham Norton clips. I present to you one of my favourite clips - Penglings

3. Playing games such as Viscera Clean up Detail with the other half and friends. It's so infuriating when someone spills a bucket of bloody water when you've just tidied up but there can be glitches if there's too many bloody footprints which can lead to objects and even players flying through the air!

4. Internet Memes can be pretty good - one good site is the Classical Art Meme page on Facebook.

5. Bored Panda also has some funny pics

This was a hard one to put together as I couldn't think of many specific things that make me laugh - it would have been nice to have a few that didn't show how much time I waste on the internet :P
On a sad note, the screen on my <1 a="" be="" but="" by="" docs="" for="" ghost="" given="" has="" hopefully="" i="" in="" it="" laptop="" ll="" m="" monitor="" nbsp="" now="" off="" old="" p="" plugging="" so="" soon.="" the="" to="" up="" winging="" year="">


  1. Ever since I let my inner child come out to play, life has gotten way better! One of the things I miss most about DirecTV is Graham Norton!

  2. Great list! We all need those things that make us laugh.


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