Sunday, 10 February 2013

February TUSAL

Well it's February, January seemed to drag. I've had an update to give you for a few weeks now but I've been preoccupied as my Nana passed away. She was such a lovely lady, not a bad word could be said about her and the comfort we can take from this is that she's no longer in pain.

My little jar was quite full this month.
Well I finished the "Who? Me?" chart and will be sending it to it's recipients soon.

Finished "Who? Me?" by Joan Elliott

As I said in the previous post, I have started the HAED BB SAL after finishing "Who? Me?". So Mystic Garden has 124 stitches in, I've added a tracker bar at the top of my blog for page 1. I've done a good amount of stitching on Tatty Ted and Trio of poppies - I've nearly completed all of the green in this piece. I had to more or less restart Café de Paris luckily there were only 25 stitches in it. I also took part in a valentine's exchange on facebook and the idea was a pincushion with a heart somewhere in the design. I haven't received mine yet but here's what I made for my  exchange partner, it is my own design.

Love pincushion, my own design

When writing this post, I've realised just how much stitching I've done since I last posted. There will be photos of the other projects next time, promise!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your Nana. May you find comfort in the company of family and friends.
    Lovely stitching, and your pincushion is so cute!

    1. Thank you for your condolences and lovely comment :)

  2. Sorry to hear the loss of your Nana, but as you say at least she is no longer in pain.

    Congratulations on your finish, it is very cute! Have fun with the HAED sal too, I am slowly making progress on mine but it is slow going!

    1. Thank you for your condolences and comment. Are you also doing Mystic Garden? It's my first time working on 25ct and I find it amazing that the 238 stitches I've done don't like that amount!


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