Tuesday, 20 August 2013

August IHSW

When I had the time, I worked on HAED Mini Curl up with a good book. 

Mini curl up with a good book as of 19/08/2013
I am enjoying working on this one and you can already see the width of this page (9) which is the bottom right hand corner.

I will have to start the first square from the Art of Crochet again as there a few mistakes which are making it difficult to carry on with. These things just take time so patience is certainly a virtue. 

I hope your weekend went well.


  1. Love Randal Spangler! Great start!

  2. Great start! And good luck with the crochet - patience is needed for all new crafts :P

  3. You made a great start here. good luck with the crochet!


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