Thursday, 1 August 2013

1 year ago today...

I took the plunge in setting up a blog and wrote my first post. I've made a couple of good friends through this blog as well as others and I'm very grateful. I love reading your blogs, you all create lovely items. I've decided that I'll have a giveaway. The prize will be a £10 (or equivalent) gift voucher to a craft shop of your choice. This is open to followers of my blog, just leave a comment if you'd like to be entered. The winner will be announced in a week's time.

Can you believe I've finished one of my Cross Stitch Crazy Challenges? I certainly can't! 

E-type Jaguar completed 30/07/2013 from an issue of Cross Stitcher.

As time goes on, I highly doubt I'll finish many more if any and there are quite a few that haven't even been started. I've realised with HAEDs that a completed page, no matter how big or small will count as a completed goal. It's also the same with SALs, one part will count as a completed goal. For the 2013 challenge which in all fairness was my first time participating, I've set my goals too high and I'm keeping that in mind for the 2014 challenge. For now a goal is to start a couple more projects on the list. 

I have started Mini Curl up with a good book, I've started well and will share a photo when there's a bit more progress.

Take care.


  1. Happy 1year blogging anniversary! I would like to be entered in your giveaway please. Thanks!

  2. Happy blogversary Emma! I am so happy that I found your blog, it's been a joy. I'd love to be entered into your giveaway please. I enjoy watching your stitching grow and think you create beautiful things. Don't be too hard on yourself about the challenges, so long as you enjoy what you do then it's all good.
    happy blogging ^_^

  3. Happy Blogversary for yesterday Emma.Love the E-Type:)I'm not a very good blogger at the moment,but a blogversary is a reason to celebrate and to post, not for your generous giveaway I hasten to add... I hope a more deserving blogger wins it:D
    Hope you have a great weekend

  4. Happy blogoversary, Emma! I'm very happy to have met you through blogging. :D I'd love to be entered in your giveaway, thanks!

  5. Well done on your finish, and you are right, I am the same with my 2013 goals, I have only completed one of them too! Happy Blogoversary and I would love to be included in your giveaway! Emma x

  6. Congratulations on your Blogoversary, and on your finish! I'd love to be entered into your giveway :)
    Heather x

  7. Happy Blogaversary!! I'm exactly the same with my goals, I have decided they are more aspirations than actually compulsory!!


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