Monday, 18 April 2016

IHSW + Faithful Arpil Update 2

Hello everyone! Isn't it nice when a project fits for two stitchy goals? :P

I haven't spent as much time stitching as I would like but I'm completely hooked on Stardew Valley! I'm in my second year, haven't upgraded my house yet but I've unlocked the bus, made gold tools and have the largest backpack.

Sorry for the shine through but it's actually sunny here so I'm not going to complain. I have enjoyed keeping up with some of those that are doing the A-Z challenge, does anyone else feel that the blogosphere is too quiet when it's over?


  1. Great progress on your ship! Are you on track for an April finish?
    I am struggling to keep up with blog reading at the moment. There are only 3 blogs I'm regularly commenting on for the A-Z challenge.

    1. Unfortunately not, I've been suffering from a constant headache so have hardly stitched :( I try to comment where I can but it's a bit more difficult via the bloglovin phone app.

  2. Great progress, your ship is coming along beautifully :)


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