Saturday, 30 April 2016

Small Update

Hello everyone!

There hasn't been any stitching since my last check in due to a few minor health problems getting in the way. This unfortunately means I'm behind on the deadline for HMS Victory but I'm sure the recipient won't mind.

I have put in some time on the sewing machine and so has my other half! Mine is nearly done so I'll save the photos until it's completely finished. He made me a drawstring bag for my headphones out of the same fabric I'm using in my project.

Check out Knotty by Nature, it's a team of individuals that stream (via twitch) their crafting from sewing to knitting to cross stitch! It has been lovely to sit and chat with some of them and has provided some oomph to my dwindling crafty bug. I've even set up my own channel which will have cross stitch, video games and maybe some sewing if I can get a set up to work.

See you all again soon :)

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