Monday, 4 April 2016

Trip to Carlisle and Gretna Green

I completely forgot to tell you about our little road trip so here it is. Granted when you take the A1, it doesn't take long to get to Carlisle however we decided to the scenic route passing through Lanchester. It was so scenic we had to stop to let this rabble past...

 We reached Carlisle and there was a world market on! I do love world markets as the paella is usually lovely! Here are the photos from Carlisle:

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Priory

Carlisle Castle
We had enough after a few hours as the castle isn't open on a weekday and the other half isn't a fan of shopping. We were only 20 minutes away from Gretna so off we went! No, before anyone asks we did NOT get married ;) The looks we got when we told family and friends about our trip! I'm just going to add that we had a job finding the famous blacksmith's as it wasn't very clearly signposted. A turn left sign when there was 2 left exits, took the first one...nope wrong one! 
Welcome to Scotland!

Anvil Hall

Pathway to the Anvil Hall entrance
 Those bricks leading to the entrance have the names and dates of people who were married there. How sweet is that?!

I dubbed this the Irn Bru bus!

I hope you enjoyed the photos! I thought I'd let the photos do their job rather than having me witter on :)

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  1. It's just gorgeous Emma! How lucky you are!

    1. It was a lovely trip even though it was a tad chilly!


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