Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Top 5 - Food Related Charts

Hello everyone, we're back again. I've really had to think for this week's charts, most food related designs I come across are in magazines and mine are neatly packed away :P

1. Baking Mouse

2. Mediterranean Flavours

3. Ice Cream Sundae Cup

4. Fine Wine - this might be a bit of a shoe horn but he's obviously hoping to wine and dine someone!

5. Mini Cake Basket


  1. Another great list! I love your choices! Mine sucked!

  2. Great choices! Those are some really fun designs.

  3. Emma, saw your name linked on Tiffany's blog so I thought I'd check out your list. Love the sundae! You've handled this difficult topic quite well!

  4. The ice cream sunday cup looks interesting :) mmmm ice cream mmmm


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