Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Animal Theme Charts

I'm sorry this is late! I love animal charts and there's just too many great ones out there so picking 5 will be difficult. I'll try and not repeat charts from other lists since they've had their moment of glory.

1. The Continent Series - there's 5 in this series so I'll just share an image of one. I have 2 of these, Australia, China and the US are missing.

2. Watercolour Octopus Once I've got a few things cleared from my stash and I'll be adding this guy and his turtle friend to it.

3. Mumma's Boy - unfortunately it looks like this artist has been retired so the link just takes you to the site I bought it from. I started this last year but have only done about 20 stitches of beige on beige so nothing exciting to show.

4. Polar Bear and Cub

5. Woodland Animals

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